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The CMFNH program is no longer accepting applications. If you wish to be added to an interest list, please reach out to RNC@TRCcompanies.com.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) offers California Multifamily New Homes (CMFNH) to deliver design assistance and incentives for energy efficient new multifamily buildings. TRC administers CMFNH on behalf of PG&E.

CMFNH developers work with Title 24 consultants to model buildings in comparison to the 2016 Title 24, which took effect in January 2017. For a list of 2016 code participating energy consultants and HERS raters, please follow this link.

  • Previously enrolled projects under the 2013 code or during the 2017 calendar year, please reference this list of verified program partners.


Depending on the size of your property, there are two paths to qualify for CMFNH incentives.

Low Rise (1-3 habitable stories, with 4 or more units): The program evaluates buildings based on an energy model output score called the Energy Design Rating (EDR).To qualify for incentives, participants must demonstrate that their proposed efficiency (Proposed Efficiency EDR) is better than standard efficiency (Standard Efficiency EDR) for their building. The difference between these two metrics is called the Delta EDR. Participants must achieve an EDR of at least 3 to qualify for incentives. Participants can increase their Delta EDRs and raise their incentives by increasing the energy efficiency of their buildings.

High rise (4 or more habitable stories) qualify 10% above 2016 Title 24 and achieve increasing incentives with each 5% improvement.


Certain energy efficiency measures are eligible for additional incentive kickers (per unit). There are two types of kickers: point kickers and cash kickers.

  • Point kickers increase the Delta EDR for non-modelable features, add incentives, and could help a project gain entry. (Low rise only)
  • Cash kickers are modeled features, which implicitly effect the Delta EDR, and also earn the developer an additional cash bonus. (Low rise and high rise)

Developers are also eligible to receive up to an extra $5,000 incentive if their project team participates in a design charrette. Read on to learn more.


Participants can raise their Delta EDRs and their incentives by increasing the energy efficiency of their projects. Certain energy efficiency measures are eligible for additional incentive kickers:

  • 100% LED Lighting (LR: 0.5 – 1 points / HR: $15 per unit)
  • ENERGY STAR Tier II Appliances (LR: 0.5 – 1.0 points / HR: $15 per unit)
  • High Performance Fenestration ($75 per unit)
  • Quality Insulation Installation (QII) ($45 per unit) Low-rise only
  • High Performance Walls ($25 per unit)
  • 2019 Code Home ($50 per unit) Low-rise only
  • Balanced IAQ ($25 per unit) Low-rise only
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Home ($25 per unit) Low-rise only
  • ENERGY STAR Laundry Facility ($5 per appliance)
  • Drain Water Heat Recovery ($200 per device)
  • Design Charrette (Up to $5,000 per project)


Review the California Multifamily New Homes handbook and orientation to familiarize yourself with the participation process.

Program Handbook

Watch the Program Orientation