Interested in a $5,000 design charrette incentive?

The CMFNH program is no longer accepting applications. If you wish to be added to an interest list, please reach out to

Take advantage of CMFNH’s $5,000 design charrette incentive. CMFNH will issue the incentive to the developer and will facilitate a free design charrette with the project team to help maximize energy efficiency and minimize costs.

The design charrette will:

  • Establish energy efficiency design goals early in the planning stages
  • Bring together a multi-disciplinary design team with all building stakeholders, and include them in a design charrette at the outset of the project
  • Strive for a “whole building” design that integrates the architectural and engineered features of the building in relation to energy efficiency

The project team should include, but is not limited to the developer, architect, mechanical engineer, energy consultant, general contractor, HERS rater and TRC representative.

To get started, coordinate with your CMFNH representative or email CMFNH for more information.