New Bonus Option Available!

The California Advanced Homes Program (CAHP) and California Multifamily New Homes (CMFNH) program provide EDR and cash bonuses for industry best-practice measures to reward builders and homeowners. These bonuses also help offset the incremental costs for these added measures. This new cash bonus is model-able and available for all 2016 code single-family and low-rise multifamily projects, as applicable.

Quality Insulation Installation (QII): Single family and low-rise multifamily projects

QII outlines a procedure to verify proper installation of insulation to maximize thermal benefit per methods detailed in the Residential Appendix RA3.5, and applies to floors, walls, roofs and ceilings. Claiming compliance credit for QII requires that a third-party HERS Rater verifies the integrity of the installed insulation.

The incentive dollars available for this bonus kicker are $45 per multifamily unit, and $400 per single-family home.

For more information on this kicker, please contact your CMFNH representative at