Generate a Delta Energy Design Rating Using CBECC-RES or EnergyPro

The 2017 CMFNH program uses the Delta Energy Design Rating, or Delta EDR, which is based on the California Energy Commission’s Energy Design Rating, to determine project eligibility and incentives. Delta EDR, which uses Title 24 modeling rules for its calculations, is the difference between the project’s Standard Efficiency EDR and the Proposed Efficiency EDR. In other words, the Delta EDR compares a home’s energy use to what that same home’s energy use would be if built to the prescriptive path.

The CMFNH team has put together a Delta EDR fact sheet, which further explains Delta EDR is, how you can generate your rating using CBECC-RES and EnergyPro to determine whether your project will achieve the minimum Delta EDR score for program eligibility.

Click here to view the Generation of Delta EDR guide