Advanced Energy Performance

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California Multifamily New Homes (CMFNH) developers work with Title 24 consultants to model buildings in comparison to the 2016 Title 24, which took effect in January 2017. Title 24 consultants must possess either a 2013 or 2016 California Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) certificate.


The program evaluates buildings based on a score called the Energy Design Rating (EDR). The closer a building’s EDR is to zero, the higher a building’s incentive. Buildings must achieve the minimum EDR for their climate zone. Check back soon for more information about the EDR.


Participants can lower their EDRs and raise their incentives by increasing the energy efficiency of their buildings. Certain energy efficiency measures are eligible for additional incentive kickers (per unit). Check back soon for more information about kickers.


The Program team reviews home plans, model files, and supporting documents to validate each home’s EDR score. Participants may not begin construction until receiving authorization from the Program.

Refer to the Program Handbook to see all requirements.